Step-by-step Guide

More detailed guide is also available as a PDF file for download at this address: Blocktinu Tools - Windows Setup.

Check also the Guides section on the Tinusaur website.

What do you need to start using it?

  1. Download and install the Blocktinu Tools - links are provided on the Downloads page.

  2. Download and install the driver for the USBasp programmer for Microsoft Windows - links are provided on the Downloads page. NOTE: The drivers are installed with the Zadig application. Details - below.

  3. Go to one of the web interfaces (links - on the home page) and launch the Blocktinu web app.

How to use the Zadig?

  1. Download the Zadig app.

  2. Start the Zadog app.

  3. Choose the driver type - libusbK.

  4. Install the chosen driver.

How to use the Blocktinu?

Go to the web interface and drag-and-drop blocks from the left. When you're ready with your code press the BTHEX button at the top. This will download and save and file like "main.bthex" (or similar name) on your computer. Then open the file - you should have the option to open it with the Blocktinu. That will upload your program binary machine code to your Tinusaur board.